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Dear Bride and Groom!

I am Viktória Varga a wedding- and event planner, creator of Your Wedding with Me. I do not start my introduction with the typical phrase: ‘I have always wanted to be a wedding planner’, simply because it is not true. When I was a child, I probably did not even know about the existence of this profession. All I perceived from a wedding is a wonderful couple with beautiful dresses, a ceremony where people cry because they are so touched, and they also warned us, kids to stay silent of course. After there was some music, people having fun, and later we got a cake and we had to dance with the bride. Well, this was my perception when  I was 10. Little did I know about that One person who organises such events, following the steps of the big day, organising and synchronising every fine detail (with the help of great service providers as well). Organising is a crucial part of my life. It has always been part of my life in every important phase, and it will always be, as I like people. And wedding planning is all about people. For years, I have been organising trips abroad for hundreds of people, working as a hostess on events and participating on events as a planner as well.

I do not think that everybody needs a wedding planner, in every case. if You enjoy and succeed in every small detail of planning an event, we are not mean for each other. You will handle it and do it well. But those couples who have problems with such things – I am the right person for you. You may not find the perfect venue. You may have already found it, but you are lost in the multitude of service providers. You may not know what to expect from a service provider of an area, you may not know the appropriate price for a service or the quality that you can expect. Or simply, you may not have sufficient time to organise such event. For me, time is the greatest treasure in life. You may agree with me here. These might be one of the many reasons that a bride can ask for my help. It feels so good to help in carrying such a ‘burden’ as wedding planning.

I imagine myself on My Big Day sipping champagne, wearing beautiful make up and enjoying my Day, not thinking about what I have forgotten about our wedding and worrying about everything. This is what I would like to wish you as well, to have an enjoyable and fantastic wedding.

Viki Varga

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